Welcome to Campania Market!

We will welcome you with Italian music and a warm smile.

Take a moment to experience a little taste of Italy with our homemade Italian foods!

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‚ÄčCampania Market is an authentic Italian grocery store offering Italian specialty items, meats, deli, prepared dishes, and catering.

The in-house butcher shop also offers a variety of freshly prepared sausages and high quality meats. You can also pick up beer & wine and regular groceries!

Among the freshly made items are:

  • Fresh bread.
  • Homemade style pizza.
  • Meals to go.
  • Italian desserts from the North End.
  • Italian desserts made to order.
  • Specialty foods such as arancini and meatballs.

You’ll also find a full selection of foods and meals ready to carry out and reheat at home or work, a full craft beer selection, wonderful wine selection, and our specialty grocery selection.

Stop by and experience a little bit of Italy, right here in Hudson, New Hampshire.